In English

I am Green politician from Länsi-Pakila, running for Helsinki City Council in the municipal elections to be held on 18th of April 2021.
I am a 53 year-old Finnish-language university lecturer and researcher in onomastics (the study of names) and in urban studies. At the University of Helsinki, research, teaching, supervision, administration and societal engagement keep me busy – and happy! I am also an entrepreneur in a company called Tositarina (‘Story Refinery’). We started our business year 2018, and we offer research-based storytelling and name services to our customers.
I love to go to theatre and gym. Additionally, I am active in multiple societies and organizations. I am also the president of the Greens of Northern Helsinki.

In municipal elections, my main aims are:

  • Equal and achievable welfare city
  • City of immediate nature and culture
  • Functional engagement of citizens